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- New Age -

Kurt Riemann - GAIA
CD Cassette #42258
This third release from Kurt is a sonic landscape of the earth in classic analog and digital sound. Many say it's his best.
Kurt Riemann - ALASKA
CD Cassette #42259
A bestselling production, with sweeping sounds and a very ambient feel. It's a sound portrait of the Last Frontier.

Voices - C& S Productions
CD & Cassette #46042
New for ‘98, the latest from one of our bestsellers, "Voices" is a journey of ambient flute.

Shadows - C& S Productions
Cassette #45030
Mystic Visions - C& S Prods.
CD & Cassette #45032
Guardian Spirits - C& S Productions
CD & Cassette #45007
Hear My Heart - C& S Productions
CD & Cassette #45039
These recordings are circulated world wide. Original instrumental music played by Alaskan musicians on Native American flutes. Bestseller is Guardian Spirits.

Second Wind - Bob Randall
CD & Cassette #45006
Original piano music enhanced by sweeping electronic sounds.

Orion Ascending - Greg West
CD & Cassette #45093
Many different layers of instrumental guitar create this hypnotic and captivating sound.

- Rock -

Lost on the Yentna - Jammin' Sammin
CD & Cassette #45018
Long AK Nights - Jammin' Sammin
CD & Cassette #46014
The newest release from one of Alaskas' best loved bands. All original and high energy songs.

Too Much of a Bad Thing - Darryl James
CD #45002
A pop rock album, with all original songs that have a classic Rock feel. Solid songwriting.

The Lobbyists - The Lobbyists
CD #46018
JJ spins out a great CD of originals in the alternative vein.

Some Nights It Works - English Bay Band
Cassette #45012

Bomber Road - Ocean
CD #45019
Classic R&R. Quality production.

Rick James - Stories
Cassette #46002
A collection of his work throughout the years with broad appeal.

Exosphere - Three's a Crowd
CD & Cassette #45061
Ten songs from a hot power trio.
Exosphere - Innerspace
Cassette #45062

ToDaY - Colleen Coadic
CD Cassette #46024
A popular artist recognized for her great song writing and energetic performances. Excellent release!
Say Anything - Colleen Coadic
CD #45072

- Country -

Hobo Jim - The Wilderness Way
CD Cassette #46020
A brand new release from the Alaskan Classic himself!
Hobo Jim - A Collection
CD #46008
The best of Hobo's work, features the "Iditarod Trail Song"
Hobo Jim - Where Legends Are Born
CD #45068
Hobo Jim - Lost and Dyin' Breed
Cassette #45066
An older but popular album.

G.W. Keyl - Sunset on the Sage
CD Cassette #46017
The classics, such as "Don't Fence Me In", and the title track, "Sunset on the Sage".

Dave King - Mountain Flyer
CD Cassette #46003
Some great original tunes from an authentic Mountain Flyer. Excellent Nashville players and production.

Jenise Chapman - Heartache Man
CD #46034

Tiffany Marie Fannin - If Only She Knew
CD #46037

Glacier Country - On Ice
CD Cassette #46049
Seward's favorite, all original tunes and a great time!

- Alternative -

Ill Gotten
CD #46038
Wow! These guys are cool! Didgeridoo Jazz. Put on that polyester shirt you never wear, sit back, and enjoy!

Ride of Some Mood - Disastronauts
Cassette #45001
Featuring original material and excellent songwriting. A great Alaskan band.

Malady - Lady of Darkness
CD #46022
Techno-computer generated sounds and a futuristic feel.

Going Down Slow - Drunk Poets
CD #45048
Alaska's own Drunk Poets. Cutting edge alternative.
Empty Rooms - Drunk Poets
Cassette #45042
Contains songs featured in the movie "My Life's In Turnaround".

Porta Shrine - Little Lippi
CD #46025
Loud, young, loud.

CD #46043
New for ‘98, it's the band that introduced Metallica to Alaska. Solid production, origianal tunes.

- Folk -

Sweet Alaska - Susan Grace
CD Cassette #46048
Her latest. A very warm, wonderful collection of homegrown Alaskan acoustic music.
New Beginnings - Susan Grace
CD Cassette #45004
Circle of Friends - Susan Grace
CD Cassette #45044

Waterbound - Sometimes A Great Ocean
CD Cassette #45014
Alaskan music with an insightful and fun environmental message. Great songs and colorful production.
Waterbound - Life on the Island
Cassette #45043

Alaska Standard Time - Various Artists
CD #46019
A collection of various artists, a good sampler of our Matanuska Valley artists.

Glenn Gano - Unfinished
CD Cassette #46013
Acoustic work from one of Alaskas' best. Production and embellishment by the
Violent Femmes.

Pat Fitzgerald - Wild Harvest
CD #46041
New for ‘98, more great music from the Fairbanks duo, Pat and Robin.

Robin Dale Ford - Down In My Heart
CD #45075
Incredible banjo playing and smooth singing from Fairbanks.

Steve Durr - Talkeetna Days
CD #45050
From Talkeetna Live! This 16 song performance covers all aspects of life up here in Alaska.

Doug Geeting - Between Flights
CD Cassette #45051
Popular aviator from Talkeetna in a delightful performance.

Will Putnam - In The Middle of Nowhere
CD #46011
The latest from some very talented acoustic players.

Shonti & Will - Homefires
CD Cassette #45047
Light and well-done folk from Alaska's finest. Enjoyable music.

Shonti & Will - Northwords
Cassette #45055

Patric D'Eimon - Backstreets
Cassette 45085

Maggie Grady - The Trail
CD Cassette #45016

Jubilee - A Welcome Sound
CD Cassette #45010
Irish / Celtic medleys played with hammer dulcimer, acoustic guitar, fiddle, and more. A bestseller!

Denise Martin - One Moment Forever
CD Cassette #45015
Hammer dulcimer and acoustic guitar plays traditional Irish / Celtic songs and more.

Peggy Monaghan - Seasons of the Witch
CD Cassette #45084

Mike Campbell - High Country
CD Cassette #46027
Light original acoustic music from the resonant voice of Mike Campbell.

Mike Campbell - The Sculptor
CD Cassette #45053

Just Met Band - Just Met Band
CD Cassette #46021
Bluegrass and acoustic classic songs from some of Alaskas' favorite players.

Robin Hopper - Up On A Mountain Top
CD Cassette #46026
Excellent song writing from Robin Hopper. Well crafted songs including "Long Goodbye", our personal favorite.

Robin Hopper - North Country Living
CD Cassette #45074
A bestseller, features such great songs as "Mommas Kisses" and "Fish On".

Larry Zarella - It's True
CD #46046
The latest from the leader of Denali Cooks. As strong on CD as he is in person.

- Alaskana -

Chilkoot March
Cassette #45037
A combination of ragtime, songs and marches from a bygone era.

The Best of Robert Service
Cassette ##46016
The best, "The Shooting of Dan McGrew", "The Cremation of Sam McGee" as read by Jerry Harper.

Sourdough Mike's Favorite Songs
Cassette #45045
The Sourdough himself (from the Whalefat Follies) sings the classics - "Alaskas' Flag", "Here Comes the Sun", and others. Beautiful baritone singing!

Sourdough Doug - North Country Poetry
Cassette #45046
Sourdough Doug recites Robert Service. Classic poetry, standard Alaskan fare.

Norman Vaughan - An Afternoon with Norman Vaughan
Cassette #46036
Norman brings colorful stories about his adventures to life.

- Progressive Folk -

Libby Roderick - Lay It All Down
CD Cassette #46033
Libby Roderick is simply Alaska's best issue oriented songwriter. Her releases set a high standard for Alaskan progressive folk.
If You See A Dream
CD Cassette #45081
Our personal favorite of all Libby's albums. Also a bestseller!
If The World Were My Lover
CD Cassette #45083
Thinking Like A Mountain
CD Cassette #45082

JoAnn and Monte - Allee In Free
CD Cassette #45096
Bestselling release from Alaskas' best known duet. Original songs featuring Alaskas best musicians!
Alaska, Where We Live - Joann and Monte
CD Cassette #45087
Heart to Heart / Live - Joann and Monte
CD Cassette #45088
Through the Years - Joann and Monte
CD #45089
Inside and Out - Joann and Monte
Cassette #45033
Lucky Number Three - Joann and Monte
Cassette #45036
Almost for Nothing - Joann and Monte
Cassette #45035

Tom Begich - Such A World
CD Cassette #46039
Solid songwriting and playing from an old hand on the local scene.

Arctic Cool - Beckett/Weltz
CD Cassette #46015
Instrumental flute and piano. Freeform folk.

- Women -

Denali Wilde - Think I'm In Luck
Cassette #45049
Jo and Jess sing acoustic music that faces important women's issues.

- Polka -

Alaska Gold - Alaska Polka Chips
Cassette #45023
PolkAlaska - Alaska Polka Chips
Cassette #45025
Dancehall Dazzlers
Cassette #45026
Squeezebox Alaska
Cassette #45024
Alaska Buttonbox Gang - On Fire!
Cassette #45027

- Nature -

Alaskan Bird Song Identification
Cassette #45031
A great way to learn and recognize Alaskan birds. An 80 minute collection of birdsongs from all over Alaska captured on tape.

- Rap / Soul -

Dubble Platynum - What's On Your Mind
Cassette #45058

- World / Ethnic -

Markus Bishko & The Alaska Klezmer Band
CD #46010
At times rollicking, at times bittersweet - Klezmer music in the eastern European tradition.

Shirley Staten - Keep On Movin' Forward
CD Cassette #46009
The best of Alaskan songs written by Roderick, JoAnn & Monte, and more, re-arranged and replayed by fantastic local session players. A global recording!

Medicine Dream - Identity
CD #46045
From poignant to larger than life, Medicine Dream explores a mix of traditional and contemporary Native music. Great songs, fantastic musicianship!

- Children-

The Wizard of OZ - Kurt Riemann
CD Cassette #42257
A delightful electronic instrumental cassette of music from the film. A sure winner for anyone who enjoys this classic story. Bestseller!

Children's Songs of the Midnight Sun
Cassette Vol. One #45020
Vol. Two #45021
An all Alaskan recording featuring original material and a message about caring for future generations. Both volumes are bestsellers.

Danger, the Dogyard Cat - Libby Riddles
Cassette #45092
The story of Iditarod champion Libby Riddles' cat - performed with Mr. Whitekeys. Fun!

Thunderfeet, The Story of Alaska's Dinosaurs - Hobo Jim
Cassette #45091
From the people who produced Danger, the Dogyard Cat - here is the story of when Dinos stomped the tundra.

- Humor -

Whalefat Follies - Mr. Whitekeys
CD Cassette #45008
Alaskan Humor, featuring the comical and musical talents of many local musicians, and hits from the famous Mr. Whitekeys.
Fabulous Spamtones - Mr. Whitekeys
CD Cassette #45029

Genetically Enhanced - Lou Nathanson
CD Cassette #45005
A wry collection of original folk tunes, a riotous look at life in Alaska.

- Blues / Jazz -

Big Mitch - Larger than "LIVE"
CD #46047
New for ‘98, a great live album!

Gary Sloan - Binky / Polar Bear Blues
CD Cassette #45038
Alaskas best blues man performs a tribute to Binky and Alaskan life.
Cassette #45057
Southside Blues
Cassette #45059
CD #45052
Techno Blue
Cassette #45060
Blue Shoes
CD Cassette #45003

Kenny Englishoe - Big Road Blues
Cassette #45070
Great acoustic blues from an Alaskan Native.
Kenny Englishoe - Blues Harp Man
Cassette #45069

Classic R&B LIVE - Alaska Rhythm and Blues Society
Cassette #45040

Human Hands - John Damberg
CD Cassette #45065
Great jazz from the mallet master and his friends.

To Be Released - John Damberg
CD Cassette #46050
Latin Jazz played by the best. Any jazz fan will love this one!

Kodiak Suite - Corliss Kimmel
Cassette #46035
An instrumental portrait of Alaska.

- Classics -

Alaska Pro Musica - Contrasts
CD Cassette #46012
Bartok, Liszt, and more from incredible chamber players. Classical music at its best.

DIMA - O'Malley Road
Cassette #45017
Superbly played classics. Russian influenced piano.

- Self Improvement -

Joanna Hensley Baltzo - Anxiety
Cassette #46053
Self Improvement. Reduce the anxiety and stress of daily life.

Joanna Hensley Baltzo - Stop Smoking
Cassette #46054
Self Improvement. Joanna helps you quit smoking once and for all!

Spenser Zeiger - The 25 Minute Vacation
Cassette #46052
Take the break you've earned!

- Religious -

Beckee - Dare to Fly
Cassette #45063
A spiritual message and very good song writing. Universal appeal.

Alaska Heritage Choir - Orthodox Music
Cassette #45013

- Seasonal -

Denise Martin and Jim Kerr - Christmas in the Air
CD Cassette #45095
Favorite Christmas songs on hammer dulcimer and acoustic guitar. All songs instrumental.

Seward High Vocal Ensemble - A Christmas Album
Cassette #46001
A collection of traditional carols.

Short Term Memory - Christmas and Beyond
CD Cassette #46023
A Talkeetna trio shares the season. Features two winners from APRN's "Song of the Year" contest.