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These are recorded stories that are cleared for public listening. Translated text is in PDF format. The recordings are by Ann Riordan in mp3 format. Items appearing below in this version may not be accurate and appear only as place-holders for the layout of this page. The project will contain two sets of approximately fifty stories each.

The Origin Of Warfare

Traditional Yup'ik story by Paul John


Introduction to the story (PDF)

| Transcript | Recording |

Translated by Alice Rearden
Translation synchronization by Kurt Riemann


Traditional Yup'ik War story by Paul John with translation in a Flash Viewer

(This demo is currently streaming from YouTube for purposes of viewing how the translation will be experienced by the audience. It is presented in this format for platform-independent preview/demo purposes only. The final player will follow standard protocols for viewing without having the video linked to an external site.)



















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